Organizational Background

Botswana Climate Change Network (BCCN) is a membership based network of organizations, communities and individuals from various NGOs, CBOs,research centers and private entities who work collectively in environment and sustainable development programmes with a specific interest in climate change agenda. The Organisation was founded in 2011 and was incorporated as a Non-Government Organisation with Registration number CR11658.

The purpose or overall goal of the Network is to create an interface between marginalized and non-marginalised communities through employment creation, improved information and knowledge sharing, support provision, networking and advocacy in addressing climate change, environmental management and energy for sustainable development.

Work conducted by BCCN is focused on empowerment and development of stakeholders and their led activities which ultimately realize sustainable gains for the communities. BCCN recognises information gaps in climate change that has remained a grey area and low on the priority list in many African and more specifically Botswana communities mainly due to lack of information and understanding of the concept including its impacts, susceptibility and vulnerability. After identifying the needs with strategic partners, BCCN strives to clarify the concept and improve on information sharing, communication and dissemination through various awareness, advocacy and capacity development programmes. The Organisation assists to develop participatory instruments and ways of addressing climate change, environment and energy challenges in a bid to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals at national, regional and international level.

BCCN maps and locates needs within the national framework of policy formulation, works with relevant ministries and authorities and encourages citizens to be active participants and movers of policy formulation processes. The organisation thrives to ensure that all the people in Botswana are equal recipients and beneficiaries of such policies. The formulation of a people centred agenda will enable everyone to focus on issues affecting them, so as to mobilize each other to address the problems affecting them and contribute towards societal developments.

BCCN is working to facilitate a collective effort of supporting community driven sustainable development in Botswana. The organization's dynamic vision, values, objectives and mission are innovative and responds to shifting paradigms and changing environments within local, social and global economies. A testimony to BCCN's relevance are some of its landmark achievements in which the organization has demonstrated its unique ability to catalyze, evolve and impact new ideas that result in change that translates into sustainable development. BCCN is a pacemaker, a trendsetter and a facilitator in the developmental arena and more specifically in issues concerning climate change.