Climate Change Education & Awareness

The Programme is meant to ensure that there is informed decision making and capacity enhancement in responding to climate change impacts through adoption of adaptation and mitigation initiatives by communities.

The Project is a nationwide pilot initiative that is meant to integrate sustainable initiatives through all levels of education and school portfolio. And utilise the school as an exit point for sustainable agriculture, climate change information and renewable energy. The Project appreciates the need to instil sustainability from a young age, in order to prepare the young people to tackle climate change in their early stages, consequently building a climate resilient generation that upholds green pathways and is responsive to current developments in climate change agenda..


Climate Change Response Dialogues

The Project includes as its components, training of trainers in project planning and management, skills transfer in climate change adaptation and green technologies. The Network partners with research and vocational training institutions which are making practical means to climate change adaptation. The Project provides capacity building on climate change for various stakeholders – Journalists, Unions, Parliamentarians, and private companies among others. The Network sees the need to work with various stakeholders in advocacy initiatives in order to generate stronger public attention, monitor and influence climate negotiations and policies.

Research and Development.

The Project aims to explore innovative research in order to advance the understanding of physical, chemical and biological components of the earth system, the causes and consequences of climate and land use change, and vulnerability and resilience to such changes.